No-Fuss Snack combine Chicken Recipe

Recipe of No-Fuss Snack combine Chicken

1 cup butter, melted, or milk
4 cups cracker Snack combine (see formula Center) or purchased snack combine, crushed*
5 – five 1/2 pounds meaty chicken pieces**or half dozen skinless, boneless pigeon breast halves (about 2-1/2 pound.)


Preheat kitchen appliance to 375 degrees F. Line a 15x10x1-inch baking pan with tin foil, set aside. Place melted butter or milk in shallow dish or pie plate. In another shallow dish or on waxed paper place crushed snack combine. take away skin from meaty chicken items. Dip chicken in butter to coat; then dip in snack combine to coat equally. Place chicken in ready pan.

Bake till chicken isn’t any longer pink (170 degrees F for breasts; one hundred eighty degrees F for thighs and drumsticks). permit fifty to hr for meaty chicken items or half-hour for skinless boneless breast halves.

In a self-sealing storage bag or storage instrumentality with tightly fitting lid reserve a pair of breast halves or four legs or thighs for Zesty Lemon-Chicken dish Sandwiches; refrigerate up to a pair of days. Makes four servings and enough for Zesty Lemon-Chicken dish Sandwiches.
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*TEST room TIP:

To crush snack combine, place in self-sealing bag. take away excess air and shut bag. Roll a kitchen utensil over snack combine in bag. (Or place snack combine in methodor|kitchen appliance} bowl; cowl and process till crushed.)

**TEST room TIP:

When getting meaty chicken items. Figure one breast or a pair of legs or thighs per serving.


526 cal., twenty three g total fat (6 g Sat. fat), 158 mg chol., 639 mg metal, 26 g carbo., a pair of g dietary fiber, fifty three g supermolecule. Daily Values: 6 June 1944 vit. A, 3% vit. C, Martinmas metallic element, 17% iron.

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