Choosing the most effective birth control methods for You
Choosing the most effective birth control methods for You

Choosing the most effective birth control methods for You

Selecting which sort of birth control methods to use will be terribly confusing. From contraception pills to contraception implants, there are several choices to settle on from. It helps to start out by responsive a number of basic queries. think about the following:

How vital is it for you to be shield from STDs? Not all contraception ways defend against STDs.
How effective does one need your management|contraception}? Some birth control ways are more practical than others.

Are convenience and price vital in your decision? does one need contraception that lasts a while? what proportion are you able to afford to pay on birth control?
Does pleasure have an effect on your call in choosing a birth control method? does one need a contraception that enhances your sex life?
While abstinence is that the solely 100 percent effective contraception methodology, different ways will be nearly as effective once used properly. Effectiveness of contraception ways is measured throughout “typical use”, that means however effective the tactic is throughout actual use, as well as inconsistencies and incorrect use.
Natural birth control

Natural birth control

Natural birth control

What Is Natural Family Planning?

Not all birth control methods are related to a tool, medication, or procedure. Natural birth control, or fertility awareness, involves temporal order your sexual issues to avoid a woman’s most fertile time. By understanding once a lady is most fertile, some will avoid physiological condition.

How Is Natural birth control Use?

A woman is possibly to induce pregnant if she has unprotected sex throughout the 5 days previous biological process, the day of biological process, and daily or 2 when biological process. There ar a number of totally different ways can|that may} be wont to predict once you will eject. mensuration basal blood heat and observation cervical secretion ar ways in which to see once a lady can eject. The rhythm method is additionally helpful in following your cycles on a calendar. Your health care skilled will train you within the safest thanks to use this methodology properly.

How Effective Is Natural Family Planning?

Typical use: seventy six effective


Inexpensive or free
Does not involve medicine or medical procedures


No STD protection
Keeping track of your cycle is need
Spontaneity is restrict
Low effectiveness rate


Spermicides ar chemicals that kill sperm cell and forestall them from fertilizing the egg. they’re offered in numerous forms like foams, creams, jellies, or films. Spermicides should be inserted deep into the duct before sexual issues. contraceptive blocks the cervix and keeps the sperm cell from moving, that prevents the sperm cell from reaching the eggs. they’re most typically utilized in combination with different contraception ways, instead of alone.

How Effective Is Spermicide?

Typical use: seventy two effective


Low value (about $8 per package)
Easy to use
Can be insert by a partner as sexual practice
Extremely straightforward to get
Can be use throughout breastfeeding


No STD protection
May be mussy
May irritate the phallus or duct
Low effective rate if used alone

Male Condoms

Glow-in-the-dark condoms, flavoured condoms, decorated prophylactics and lots of additional givecontraception which will create your sex life safe and exciting! The male condom could be a barrier techniqueconcerned in preventing contact between gamete and egg. Latex male condoms area unit the classic strategies of barrier birth control, however they’ll be fabricated from natural animal membrane, ployurethan, silicone, or different artificial material. throughout ejaculation, a prophylactic is meant to catch humor, stopping it from coming into the epithelial duct.

How to placed on a prophylactic

Everyone WHO is sexually active ought to savvy to place on a prophylactic. If you would like it to figure properly, you have got to understand the way to use it. as luck would have it it’s super easy! begin with the prophylactic on the tip of the erect (hard) member and roll it down toward the bottom of the member. certify there’s atiny low pouch at the prophylactic tip thus it will catch the ejaculated humor. once ejaculation, hold on to the prophylactic at the bottom of the member before removal from the epithelial duct so as to avoid outflow. Condoms don’t seem to be reusable, use one and it’s done! Keep track of the condom’s expiration date, as invalid condoms mustn’t be used.

How Effective area unit Condoms?

Typical use: eighty two effective birth control methods


STD hindrance
Extremely simple to buy
Inexpensive, some area unit even free! the typical prophylactic prices regarding $1.
Very simple to use
Spices up your sex life! Male condoms will give raised sensation for each partners. strive experimenting with completely different designs, shapes, flavors, and textures of male condoms.
Can be use for oral, anal, and duct sex.
Can be use with different contraception strategies


One-time use
Required whenever you have got sex
Must be use properly so as for effectiveness
Not as effective as different birth control methods

Female Condom

Looking for the way to reinforce your sex life and follow safe sex? This contraception choice could be a plastic, pouch-like device inserted within the epithelial duct before sex that gives erectile organ stimulation. the feminineprophylactic also can be inserted into the asshole before buggery. the feminine prophylactic has versatile rings at every finish which will stimulate the erectile organ throughout duct sex.

How Do feminine Condoms Work?

Female condoms will be inserted up to eight hours before sexuality, and that they area unit terribly straight forward to use. feminine condoms will be inserted by a partner as a part of sex activity. To insert a feminine prophylactic, 1st apply material or contraceptive to the surface of the closed finish. Next, squeeze the edges of the ring at the closed finish and insert it into the epithelial duct sort of a tampon. Push the inner ring into the epithelial duct as way because it will go, till it reaches the cervix. The outer ring can suspend regarding an in. from the epithelial duct. Once the pouch is inserted, the ring at the closed finish holds it within the epithelial duct and gamete is prevented from coming into the duct canal.

Don’t worry if you are feeling the prophylactic move aspect to aspect, that’s traditional. you ought toundoubtedly stop intercourse if the member slips between the prophylactic and also the epithelial duct or if the outer ring is pushed into the epithelial duct. Once your partner has ejaculated, squeeze and twist the outer ring to stay the humor within the pouch. Gently pull the feminine prophylactic out of the epithelial duct or asshole and throw it away.

How Effective area unit feminine Condoms?

Typical use: seventy nine effective birth control methods


STD hindrance
Safe, simple, and convenient
Extremely simple to buy
Inexpensive, regarding $4 every
Offers erectile organ stimulation
Allows extra sex activity


Not as effective as different birth control methods
May cause irritation of the epithelial duct, vulva, penis, or anus
Reduced sensation throughout intercourse
Crackling or sound noise could occur throughout intercourse


Although not as common as different contraception strategies, the diaphragm is differently to stop conception. The diaphragm could be a rubber dome that’s inserted into the epithelial duct and placed over the cervix before sexuality. once the diaphragm is in situ, the gap to the female internal reproductive organ is blocked and also the gamete is unable to hitch with associate degree egg.

So you need to know How is that the Diaphragm Used ?

Inserting the diaphragm isn’t as straightforward as condoms, however follow makes excellent. begin by laundry your hands with soap and water. place a couple of tablespoon of contraceptive within the cup and round the rim. notice a cushty position and separate the lips of the fanny with one hand. With the opposite hand, pinch the edges of the diaphragm to fold it in 0.5. For a firmer grip, place your finger within the center of the fold. Push the diaphragm as way up and into the epithelial duct as doable. certify your cervix is roofed and tuck the sting of the diaphragm behind the bone.

The diaphragm should be leave certain six hours once the last time you had sex. If you have got sex quite six hours once the last time you had sex, leave it in however place additional contraceptive deep into the epithelial duct. don’t leave the diaphragm certain quite twenty four hours.

To remove the diaphragm, begin by laundry your hands with soap and water. Place a finger into your epithelial duct and hook the rim of the diaphragm. Pull the diaphragm down and out and wash it with gentle soap and heat water to stop infection.

How Effective is that the Diaphragm?

Typical use: half of one mile effective birth control methods.


Because of Low price ($15-$75 each 2 years)
Can be use throughout breastfeeding
Immediately effective and reversible contraception
so you Cannot be feel you or partner


No STD protection
Requires a doctor visit for fitting
Cannot use throughout emission
May be tough to insert
Must be place before sex, every time
So Spermicide could have aspect effects

The Caya Diaphragm

The old-school latex diaphragm has had a makeover! Caya could be a new diaphragm that creates out of siloxane So that provides a more leisurely and sturdy product. Caya conjointly has associate degree updated style so that produces insertion and removal easier.